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 January 2024  
Electrical for HVAC Jan 8-12 
Advanced Service Diagnostics  Jan 8-12 
Plumbing Service & Maintenance Jan 8-12  
Refrigeration AC/HP Jan 15-19  
Heating Technology  Jan 15-19  
Electricians Service & Maintenance  Jan 15-19  
Electrical for HVAC  Jan 22-26  
Installation Technology  Jan 22-26  
Refrigeration AC/HP Jan 29-Feb 2 
Heating Technology Jan 29-Feb 2
Plumbing Service & Maintenance Jan 29-Feb 2
 February 2024  
Electrical for HVAC  Feb 5-9 Full
Refrigeration AC/HP  Feb 5-9 Full 
Advanced Service Diagnostics  Feb 5-9 Full 
Refrigeration AC/HP  Feb 12-16  
Heating Technology  Feb 12-16  
Electricians Service & Maintenance  Feb 12-16  
Electrical for HVAC  Feb 19-23  
Installation Technology  Feb 19-23  
Plumbing Service & Maintenance  Feb 19-23  
Electrical for HVAC  Feb 26- Mar 1  
Refrigeration AC/HP Feb 26- Mar 1
Advanced Service Diagnostics Feb 26- Mar 1
March 2024  
Electrical for HVAC Mar 4-8
Refrigeration AC/HP Mar 4-8
Electricians Service & Maintenance  Mar 4-8
Refrigeration AC/HP Mar 11-15
Installation Technology  Mar 11-15
Plumbing Service & Maintenance  Mar 11-15
Electrical for HVAC Mar 18-22
Advanced Service Diagnostics Mar 18-22
Electrical for HVAC Mar 25-29
Refrigeration AC/HP Mar 25-29
April 2024  
Electrical for HVAC Apr 1-5
Refrigeration AC/HP Apr 1-5
Plumbing Service & Maintenance  Apr 1-5
Refrigeration AC/HP Apr 8-12
Advanced Service Diagnostics Apr 8-12
Electricians Service & Maintenance  Apr 8-12
Electrical for HVAC Apr 15-19
Installation Technology  Apr 15-19
Electrical for HVAC Apr 22-26
Refrigeration AC/HP Apr 22-26
Plumbing Service & Maintenance  Apr 22-26
Electrical for HVAC Apr 29-May 3
Advanced Service Diagnostics Apr 29-May 3
 May 2024  
Refrigeration AC/HP May 6-10
Installation Technology  May 6-10
Electricians Service & Maintenance May 6-10
Electrical for HVAC May 13-17
Refrigeration AC/HP May 13-17
Plumbing Service & Maintenance  May 13-17
Refrigeration AC/HP May 20-24
Advanced Service Diagnostics May 20-24
No Classes -Memorial Day May 27-31
Refrigeration AC/HP Select the first course you want to enroll in and then continue to select the first student. Additio.. Product #: ACHP Regular price: $1,544.00 $1,544.00

Refrigeration AC/HP

Price: $1,544.00

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Additional Exam Options:

UTA offers additional certifications which includes a guided study process along with the exam given towards the end of the week.

UTA recommends taking the EPA certification during the Refrigeration AC/HP course or the Installation course.  We do not encourage taking the EPA during the Electrical course or the Heating course.

NATE certification requires passing the NATE Core exam and a specality exam.  If a tech only takes or passes one exam they have up to 2 years to pass the other exam.

UTA recommends students have some field experience but it is not required by NATE.  For best results we recommend taking the NATE Core during the Electrical course and a NATE Speciality during the Refrigeration AC/HP, or the Heating course respectively.  We don't recommend taking a NATE Exam that does not fit with the main course such as taking a NATE Gas Heating exam during an AC/HP course.       

* Payment Plan:

Note: Payment plans are available for group members listed in the company information section.  Enrollment and payment plans are subject for approval, and the $2.00 registration fee charged at checkout is fully refundable.  
If you are Mailing or sending payment in with Student, you can ignore the $2 fee portal at checkout.