UTA's one-week, hands-on courses get straight to the point of what technicians need to succeed in the HVAC industry.

UTA offers three core courses: Refrigeration AC/HP Technology, Electrical for HVAC and Heating Technology, which are designed for novice, intermediate and experienced technicians.

For newer HVAC technicians we recommend at least two of the main courses to be taked, if possible, in a row or within a few weeks of each other, such as: Electrical for HVAC and Refrigeration AC/HP Technology during the cooling season or, Electrical for HVAC and Heating Technology during the heating season.

No pre-requisite is required for the Refrigeration AC/HP Technology or the Electrical for HVAC courses.  However, we do recommend that students attend the Electrical for HVAC course, or have electrical experience, before attending the Heating Technology course.

UTA also offers two specialty courses for HVAC technicians: Installation Technology and Advanced Service Diagnostics.

The Installation Technology course covers all aspects of the skills that are needed for the replacement of heating and air units.  This course is ideal for installation assistants and lead techs with some hands-on experience but want to improve their technical skills.

The Advanced Service Diagnostics course is designed for experienced technicians that want to improve their skills in electrical, heating and A/C and heat pump diagnostics.  Because this course covers several topics, it is recommended for technicians with at least two years of experience. 

Students are not required to do any pre-work before coming and do not need to bring anything to class; all materials & tools are provided.  Homework will be assigned each night after class and an exam given on the last day.