Owner Testimonials

"Mark and Pat, Just wanted to drop you a note to say Thank you for the training you provided our technician Danny. He stopped by the office on Saturday and we sat for about 2 hours talking about things he learned and how excited he was to get started on his new position here.
I understand the training part has helped him tremendously as it did our other techs we send last year. What I don't get is the improved attitude Danny has. He is like a kid in the candy store with a bag full of money. He can't wait to get to work. I thought your school was for technical training but I feel that the way you are doing your training you must be doing something extra we are not aware of. He is definitely motivated and ready. Again just wanted to say thank you both for having an incredible school for companies to send our future workforce to."
Korey Knobloch - Help Service Company - New Orleans, LA

"Mark, Thought I would drop you a line to let you know that Eric really absorbed a lot of usable information from your refrigeration class. When Eric left UTA's class on Friday he was so pumped. It still shows in his attitude and performance. His productivity has increased 2-fold and his is very confident, which shows through when he communicates with our clients. We are getting great feedback from them as well. If you ever need a recommendations just have them call me. I believe your classes are the best investment a company can make, for the company as well as the employee."

Thanks again for turning a green technician into a money making machine!
Ron McQuerry
McQuerry's One Hour Heating & AC
PS Eric said to tell you Hello and Thank You, you've changed his life for the better.

"If you want your technicians to become great technicians, you must build a great foundation. UTA will transform technicians that have the potential of becoming good technicians into great technicians. I'm an owner with a service background, 14 years of experience and a local trade school degree. I was able to gain more knowledge in a week's time at UTA than I could have anywhere else. UTA is able to teach old dogs new tricks. Also, by attending the class with my service techs, I can hold them accountable for the information that was taught. If your service department needs to increase their average ticket, service agreements and tech leads, this class is a must do."
Patrick Hawkins
Pine One Hour Heating and Air
Pine Island, MN