Installation Technology


The five day Installation Technology course teaches a unique blend of technical skills, system processes and procedures. The course will offer your client a high quality installation performance as promised and gets the job done on time!

Installation Technology is designed for technicians who already have experience in replacements, but want to improve their skill level and efficiency!

Who to send for training:

  • Assistant Techs moving into a lead tech position.
  • Lead Techs needing more technical and process training.
  • Lead Techs/Supervisors wanting to stream line the replacement business and improve quality!

Newer Technicians:

  • Will focus on the tasks necessary to perform installations and help prepare them to become a lead technician.

Experienced Technicians:

  • Will focus on improving their technical skills and be able to organize the job for increased productivity.  

Technical Skills:

  • Through classroom and hands on training, technicians will learn the skills to provide the client with the highest quality workmanship. 

Installation Topics Covered:

  • Organizational skills for the installation process.
  • Electrical theory and safety.
  • AC/Heat Pump Comprehensive System Analysis™ Start-up & Balance.
  • 410A handling and system performance.
  • Refrigeration Processes & Procedures including, recovery, piping, brazing, flushing, pressure testing and evacuation for 410A systems.
  • The fundamentals of heat transfer.
  • Cold weather system start-up.
  • Low voltage electrical wiring and basic troubleshooting.
  • High voltage branch circuit design & wire sizing.
  • Heating start-up & venting standards/design.
  • Indoor air quality & airflow standards/design.
  • Replacement ductwork connection design.
  • Transition measuring, design and sheet metal lay-out.
  • Airflow design and static pressure testing.

Technical Processes Topics:

  • How to build an effective operating system.
  • How to establish effective job processes.

Only by developing a "system" can you provide quality and efficiency! Installation Technology educates technicians and managers how to improve productivity while ensuring the utmost quality!

Technicians and/or managers will walk away with a better understanding on how to improve their daily operation structure. When the team gets on the same page top results happen!

Involving the Client

Technicians will learn how to involve the client with their new A/C system. Clients will most likely be confused regarding their newly acquired features and benefits. When technicians properly explain new features and benefits this leads to fewer call backs regarding system performance. Customers will realize they received more than expected leaving them with a satisfied feeling.


Installation Technology builds a smooth running A/C replacement department, bringing quality & value to your client and provides ways to maintain job productivity and efficiency!