Advanced Service Diagnostics

UTA offers this “Service Tech” course on a limited basis each spring and fall. The primary focus is to help existing technicians improve their skills and diagnostic ability. The course also educates how to convert system and component failure into opportunities.

Advanced Service Diagnostics is different from our regular courses because it covers several major topics instead of just one. The course is recommended for experienced service, light service, and intermediate maintenance techs. This course has four modules listed below with 50% or more of the time spent in lab operating functional equipment and performing various procedures and tests.

Air-Conditioning and Heat Pump Performance and Diagnostics:

ac pictureAs we face the challenges of moving towards a “Green” environment and energy conservation, it is more important than ever that HVAC Technicians understand total system performance of the air-conditioning and heat pump systems. Having the ability to diagnose systems not operating at peak performance due to component failure and mismatched equipment, is what separates mediocre and great technicians.

Technicians will learn the best methods possible for diagnosing system performance issues.  UTA teaches how to perform a “Comprehensive System Analysis” in less time than most techs take to simply charge a unit.  Technicians will experience hands-on training analyzing total system performance with air-conditioning systems. They will also learn how to identify problems with the client’s system which can result in increased utility and repair costs along with decreased system life and performance.

The proper way to analyze and charge A/C and HP systems in cold weather is taught in our “cold room”.  UTA’s custom built “cold room” allows techs to gain confidence performing early spring tune-ups in cooler weather conditions. Technicians will be able to ensure the client their system is ready for the upcoming seasonal change. 

Electrical Components, Diagrams and Troubleshooting:

This module helps technicians improve their electrical troubleshooting skills and reduce diagnosing time. Techs will experience hands-on training regarding how to read electrical diagrams and circuit boards, process low voltage controls, and troubleshoot faults in electrical components.

When it comes to expensive components such as compressors and motors technicians need to be 100% accurate!  This module helps technicians understand and correctly diagnose compressors, fan motors, capacitors, starting controls and timers. Technicians will better understand “compressor saver kits”, upgraded components, and how to relate the benefit of these products to their customer. Saving a few minutes on each diagnostic procedure will increase daily revenue, not to mention the savings associated with re-calls due to misdiagnosis and incomplete diagnosis. 

Air Properties, Duct Design, Filtration and Air Balance:

duct design“Air-Distribution” and “Air Properties” are probably the least understood, but most important, aspects of HVAC systems!  During this module technicians will learn more about the psychometrics of air and what it takes to keep the customer comfortable.  Technicians will learn the principles of duct design, air balancing and properly sizing filters.  Technicians will also learn how to recognize systems with airflow design flaws and diagnose airflow problems using static pressure measurements.

Inadequate duct systems are responsible for many comfort issues within the home or business robbing customers of countless dollars in the cost of operation, repairs and replacement. As HVAC specialists we must improve our ability to identify and diagnose airflow issues. 

Heat Exchanger Inspections:

Technicians will get hands-on training for heat exchanger inspections.  When a customer is considering repairing or replacing his or her current A/C and or heating system it is important for him or her to know the condition of the furnace for and informed financial decision.  When a bad furnace is detected some clients choose to replace the A/C system as well. Others choose to replace only the furnace if nothing is wrong with the A/C system. UTA trains technicians “hands-on” how to find unsafe failed heat exchangers on fully functional furnaces using “state of the art” inspection methods.

NATE Testing is Available 

NATE Training ProviderAlthough the primary focus of this course is for improved service technician skills and performance, it covers most of the material that is likely to be on the NATE Exam!  UTA is a certified NATE testing center.  NATE testing is optional with this course.


Make your decision about this course based on the value of content and hands-on training.  That’s what counts in the field!  If NATE certification is something you have considered then there is no better time to do it.  A technician will walk away with an incredible amount of knowledge and skills to put into action immediately!  

We don’t just teach the test!! 

As with all of UTA’s courses we stress the importance of good customer communication each step of the way. Gaining confidence through an increased understanding of a safe, clean and balanced system helps improve essential communication skills.   Former students have reported back significant sales increases in maintenance plans, accessories, lead turn-overs and average ticket size.

Quote from a technician that attended the course: 

"The Service (Ultimate) Tech Performance course is just like any other course you would expect from Mark Hardwick. A First-Class presentation and a method that really works. This course really put things together for me. When my employer offered me the opportunity to attend this class, I thought that if I passed my EPA exam, I would be doing well and be that much more prepared for the NATE exams. Needless to say, I went home at the end of the week with not only my EPA Universal Certification but also the NATE Heat Pump-Service certifications with only ten months of experience in the HVAC field, and most of that was in Installation! During the week that I was there, I gained so much practical knowledge that I can honestly recommend this to anyone that wants to step up to the next level in their craft. On top of all of that, Mark and Pat Hardwick are the best hosts and down-to-earth people you would ever want to meet!" -Steve from Idaho