Who should attend UTA?

Technicians UTA can Launch to the Next Level

New Technicians.

A person with a good attitude and good customer communication skills has a great opportunity in the HVAC industry.  Combine a person's basic mechanical skills with the courses at UTA along with a little "on-the-job-training" and a new Technician can be up and running in no time at all!

Although the time varies between Technicians, Mark has trained thousands of Techs over the last 20 years that have entered this industry with no experience at all and in a very short time they are productive HVAC installers and/or maintenance Technicians and many of them can run light service calls.  With the foundation they receive at UTA and some time on the job running calls, a new maintenance Technician can quickly become a diagnostic Tech and an installation assistant can become a lead installer.

Technicians "moving up the ladder"

Your best service techs and lead installers usually come from within!  When its time for another service Tech or lead installer, look within your organization at your apprentice installers and maintenance Techs and send them to UTA for the "jump start" they need to make the transition.  With these Techs you can see an immediate change in their technical abilities and the calls they are able to handle. Also, they will reduce the time on calls they already run.  Many of the intermediate Techs we train in our courses move from:

  • An installation assistant moving to a maintenance Tech
  • An installation assistant moving to a lead installer
  • A maintenance Tech moving to a diagnostic Tech
  • A lead installer moving to a diagnostic Tech
  • We also cross-train many experienced techs in other trades within a company such as Plumbers and Electricians.

 Frustrated Technicians

Technicians that struggle in different areas (such as electrical diagnostics) become frustrated over time because they want to be able to solve the customer's problem quickly and do it the first time.  Everyone loses when it takes an extended amount of time to find a problem or even worst a second or third trip out:

  • Customers lose because they often pay more than they should in repairs and higher energy bills along with being inconvenienced of their time.
  • Technicians lose because of lost earnings and lower pay along with getting discouraged and frustrated because they want to do a better job.

Companies lose because they have customers that are less than satisfied; an employee that is frustrated and becoming discontent and to top it off; a financial investment in the "school of hard knocks" in warranties, re-calls and lost revenue that is staggering!

Turn this "lose - lose - lose" scenario into a "win - win - win" with only a course or two from UTA. Some Technicians only struggle in one or two areas where other Techs have a certain amount of trouble in several topics.

In only a week or two we have helped experienced Technicians unlock the chains that keep them from being all that they can be for: the Customer, Themselves and the Company!

Experienced Technicians

Existing maintenance Techs, service techs or lead installers that do a good job from day to day but want to improve their skills in diagnostics and system performance can see an increase in productivity after attending UTA.  Sometimes Techs do well on ordinary calls but get "tripped up" on the more complicated diagnostic problems and/or system design errors such as duct work and airflow issues.  Depending on how much experience a Technician has, they can attend UTA's regular courses or our specialized service course to "fine tune" their skills.

This group of Techs is often over looked when it comes to additional training because they run calls everyday successfully and bring in revenue, so it's easy to get the "out of sight out of mind" philosophy. The benefit for continued training with this group can have a significant return on your investment.

  • Increased service ticket average.
  • Decreased diagnostic time.
  • Decreased service warranty and call backs.

It's A Different Philosophy than Training a new Technician!
When you make incremental improvements in these areas it turns into big money over a year's time even if you only improve a few percentage points each.

Experienced Techs are also the "go-to" guys that not only do their own work, but they help other Techs when they get in trouble.

When experienced Technicians improve, you get an additional benefit because they impact the performance of others.

Technicians achieve higher average tickets and more leads...

At UTA, Techs learn how to relate to the customer the condition of their system including components within the system along with the benefit of other products and accessories that are available.  

With a better understanding of efficiency and performance Techs are equipped with the skills needed to identify systems that are costing the customer too much in utility payments as well as lagging in performance.

UTA builds into each course, based on the subject matter of the course, ways to identify and relate to the customer how to improve their system and when it comes time to consider replacing their system.   Regardless of UTA also offers the "Ultimate Tech Performance" course that speacializes in this area.