Technician Testimonials

"I just wanted to write and say it has been a year now since I took my first class at UTA and wanted to say hello and WOW it has been a great year for me.  Thanks to All of you at UTA, I made $20,000.00 more this year and I am currently the top sales technician for our company. I just wanted to give you all a big THANK YOU and God bless."  Jason from Texas ________________________________________________________________________

"I learned how to troubleshoot and test refrigerant levels and how to safely handle equipmnet dealing with AC and Heat Pumps. I have learned more in a few days here than I have in my career up to this point."

"I learned how to read electrical diagrams and the basic overview of electricity. I really liked the lectures and then applying what we learned in the lab. These are the most beneficial classes in the HVAC industry that I have ever taken!" Garrett from California

"Taught me more than I ever learned in college!"
"I learned about furnace maintenance. What to look for on a heat exchanger. How to trace a problem in a furnace. Proper return duct sizing. I liked the hands on experience in the lab with many different brands and configurations. I learned a lot more in one week than I thought I could. In one week I have gained enough confidence to do a furnace maintenance by myself and not leave worried that I missed something. Taking this class will help me make a lot of extra money this winter. I am very glad that I came." Aaron-CA
"I've enjoyed the courses because it doesn't matter what level you are at there's something for everyone! Mark, Pat and everyone at UTA have made my stay here most enjoyable."
"Wonderful staff, knowledgeable staff, comfortable learning environment. One Week+ Top Teachers = Top Technicians!" Steve from PA
"Learned the right way to trouble shoot problems and got a better understanding of  the difference between watts, amps and volts. The class room section was very helpful for me but my favorite part was working in the lab. I don't think Mark missed a thing. If you don't get something out of this course, you aren't trying. Pat and the rest of the staff did a great job and made each of us feel welcome and I felt right at home." Glen from NC
"I like that Mark taught so much to us in so little time and made it so easy to understand.
The course is awesome, I couldn't ask for anymore. This was the most beneficial course I have ever taken. Thank you for everything!"

"After only one week I was able to broaden my knowledge and apply it in a realistic setting. AND the hospitality was very much appreciated. I think this program is a great service to the industry and that Mark should be applauded for his dedication to cultivating knowledgeable technicians, who will take both an ethical and customer satisfaction type approach."
Christopher from New York.
"Understanding wiring diagrams and electricity more accurately, built up my confidence of troubleshooting. Very well organized from the travel, accomdations, meals down to supplies and tools needed. Very Impressed."
Chris from Canada

"I learned a lot about troubleshooting that will definitely benefit me in the service field. I like how helpful Mark is in the class and lab. He is there to help and guide you.  Everything was to my complete satisfaction. I look forward to attending the Heating Course. I learned a phenomenal amount of material in just a matter of days and would recommend this class to any person or or veterans.  I feel even the best could learn a lot from this Electrical course." Todd - Wisconsin

“The Electrical Technology course was excellent; I am leaving here with a much better understanding of what I’ll be doing. I came into this with no prior experience and Mark taught the course in a way that helped me understand and accomplish things I never thought I could do. The best part of the course was the hands-on lab time, it helped me grasp the things we talked about during class and I am looking forward to coming back for the Refrigeration Technology and Heating Technology courses.”
Keith from Pennsylvania

“Ultimate Technical Academy™ is a great program. Mark really helps you understand everything if you are having a problem, the one-on-one time was great.”
Matt from Arkansas

“I am just getting into service and the Electrical Technology course gives me a good feel of how and why electricity works circuitry and electrical theory. The course gives me something to build on to.”
Glenn from Louisiana

“I learned how to wire an electrical furnace along with the air conditioner, I could not do that before and I am very confident in troubleshooting (now). The course was very well planned and all of my questions were answered, I was never put off. I feel Mark is very excellent as an instructor.”
James from Indiana

“I really enjoyed the course, if anybody asked I would definitely encourage them to come. The days go by fast and the best part of the course was the hands-on approach in the lab. Thank you for allowing me to attend and I hope I will be able to take all classes.”
Larry from Florida

“The best value to me and my career was learning how to read the electrical diagrams and troubleshooting. I thought the class was great and the instructor was great, everything we learned led us up to the next subject.”
Gerry from Virginia

“The course had the best method of learning I have seen, everything I learned will help me in my career.”
Jimmy from Indiana

“In just 5 days I learned more than the 2 semesters at vocational school years ago. The best part of the course is taking the class work and being able to immediately translate it into hands-on experience. I would definitely recommend this course to other technicians.”
Tom from Virginia